Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(manufacturer’s label code #62175)-Return Goods Policy

Unless otherwise required by regulation or law.

Products Eligible for Return
  1. Products eligible for return must be expired, and returned, within one year following the expiration date stated on the package. Products may also be returned with less than six (6) months of remaining shelf life (expiration date). No prior authorization is required provided all returns conform to this Return Goods Policy. This Return Goods Policy applies to any pharmaceutical product distributed by Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc ("Kremers Urban").
  2. All returned goods should be sent to Qualanex at the following address:
    Kremers Urban
    c/o Qualanex, LLC
    1410 Harris Road
    Libertyville, IL 60048
    Toll Free: (800)505-9291
Return Authorization for CII Products Only
  1. Please contact Qualanex for return authorization,including a 222 form, via one of the following methods:

    1. Online at
    2. Calling Qualanex at (800)505-9291
    3. Faxing Debit Memo to Qualanex at (847)775-7258
    4. Email:
  2. Return Authorizations/222 form can be processed faster by utilizing the Qualanex website.
  3. Returns facility will provide a return kit including the return authorization form (RAF) and bar-coded shipping labels as well as the 222 form.
  4. Complete the RAF and attach a debit memo or packing slip. Since packages can be separated during shipment, it is recommended to include a copy of the paperwork in each box or container. All indirect customers should provide credit-through-wholesaler information including DEA#, name, and address.
  5. Affix a shipping label to the outside of each box or container. Label each box “Box 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.”
  6. The bar-coded RAF and the wholesaler’s debit memo information are used for tracking and reconciliation purposes.
Non-Returnable Goods
  1. Non-returnable goods consist of the following:
    1. Merchandise sold on a non-returnable basis, marked non-returnable, professional samples, professional packages, free goods, or with similar markings or special labels.
    2. Merchandise damaged by insurable catastrophes such as fire, smoke, etc. or involved in sacrifice, salvage, bankruptcy or fire sales. Uninsurable catastrophes will be considered on the individual merits of each situation
    3. Merchandise expired more than one year or with more than six (6) months shelf life.



  1. Kremers Urban reserves the right to verify all returns to make certain that they conform to this Return Goods Policy.
  2. Kremers Urban reserves the right to promptly destroy any return goods that are not eligible for credit.
  3. Kremers Urban reserves the right to request proof of purchase source of all goods returned for credit or exchange.
  4. Transportation charges, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer.
  5. With respect to claim merchandise, an even exchange or credit will be allowed for loss or damage evident at delivery time if noted on the carriers’ delivery receipt and reported to Kremers Urban within five business days. Concealed loss or damage must be inspected by the carrier within 15 business days after delivery and carrier‘s inspection report must be forwarded to Kremers Urban.
  6. Kremers Urban's policy strictly prohibits any national account executive or any other employee from giving samples or stock packages to any customer to replace merchandise. All returns must be made according to this Return Goods Policy.
  7. Kremers Urban does not pay or reimburse fees incurred for the processing of or destruction of products processed through a third party returns processing company. Third party processors must comply with all requirements of this Return Goods Policy. Third party processors must provide proof of destruction for short/outdated product.

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