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Welcome to the Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc. Product Portfolio - your online connection to Kremers Urban's complete line of specialty generic pharmaceuticals.

Kremers Urban delivers the selection, value, and quality
demanded by its customers, and the Company stands behind each
of its products, ensuring the highest standards available.

This interactive product catalog connects you with important
information - categorized by strength, package size, NDC
numbers, pill markings, brand references, drug product ratings,
package specifications, and more, along with links to prescribing
information. For your easy reference, an online generic reference
guide is also provided.


The information contained here is not intended to provide comprehensive medical information and/or medical advice.The products displayed and described on this Web site are available upon prescription from qualified medical professionals only. Individual patients should obtain information about their prescription drugs from the products’ informational labelingand/or package inserts and by discussing the appropriate use of any medicine(s) directly with their prescribing medical professional.




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